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Why Certification?

It can help with...


Becoming certified is an investment in yourself and your career path. It can prepare you for higher job responsibilities and employability as well as an increase in opportunities.


Organizations like and value that their staff possess certifications, licenses and credentials. Certification shows evidence of commitment in working with the geriatric population and specifically the dementia client.

  • Investment in yourself and your career

  • Prepares you for higher job responsibilities and opportunities

  • Shows commitment in working with geriatric dementia population


Becoming dementia care certified can provide more independence and improve the quality of life for the person with dementia, as well as provide a peace of mind for the caregiver.


In addition, with practical dementia care training there’s an opportunity to help prevent falls, injuries and hospitalizations.

  • Improve quality of life for loved one

  • Provide peace of mind

  • Help prevent falls and hospitalization

Why Certification


Providing opportunities for staff members to further their dementia education and career through certifications is a benefit for the residents, communities and staff members.


Certified dementia trained staff can lead to better outcomes in patient safety, a reduction in hospital re-admits and an increase in family satisfaction.


It can also help to reduce staff burn out and increase their retention and satisfaction. There is also a marketing opportunity to promote a higher level of care being provided.

  • Benefits the residents, staff and overall community

  • Can lead to better outcomes

  • Helps with staff burn out


With in-home care a highly competitive industry, having certified dementia caregivers can set your business apart.


Promoting your caregivers and healthcare staff are certified in dementia care shows your commitment to a higher level of care.


  • Helps your business stand out

  • ​Shows your commitment to a higher level of care

  • Marketing opportunity to showcase "specialized caregivers"

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